Meditation for Stress Relief – Is it Enough to Avoid Disease?

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There is no doubt that meditation is an excellent way to achieve stress relief.  But is that enough to ensure that chronic stress doesn't affect our immune systems and make us ill? This is a very interesting question and one that doesn't have an easy answer. I would imagine that most serious meditators would argue …Read the full article…

Meditation Practice Can Help You Remain Disease Free

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Research into whether meditation practice can improve our health and longevity has been going on for years and although much of the evidence has been empirical, the fact that there are yogis who live healthy lives well into their 2nd century remains very impressive. The secret to living a long, healthy life So what do …Read the full article…

Mindfulness Meditation and Moderate Exercise Improve Health and Wellbeing

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Does Mindfulness Meditation Make us Healthier? In this day and age when so much money is being spent on finding cures for every illness under the sun, not to mention the numerous vaccinations that are being developed to supposedly protect us from illness, it is welcome news that something as basic and simple as mindfulness …Read the full article…

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction


Moderate stress in our lives can in fact be a positive. It keeps us alert and we respond appropriately to external stimuli. However an excess of stress can be extremely detrimental leading to adrenal fatigue and can even precipitate the onset of degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease. It is therefore extremely important …Read the full article…

How to Meditate Properly

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    Most people who are new to meditation want to know how to meditate properly. What is important to remember here is that there are many forms of meditation and what is right for one person isn't necessarily right for another. It is also important to note that meditation is a practice. It is …Read the full article…

How to Practice Meditation


How to practice meditation, six steps to freedom

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

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The thing I love most about meditation is that it can become an integral part of our daily lives. Mindfulness meditation is particularly relevant to this way of living. With the increase of interest in meditation and the profound effect it can have on our daily lives, there is an upsurge in research into its …Read the full article…

The Emotional Benefits of Meditation

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Study Shows Emotional Benefits of Meditation Over the last decade there has been an increasing interest in discovering what causes ill health. One apparent cause that is often cited is the emotional state of the person. There are many ways of dealing with emotional issues, counselling, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom technique to name but a few. …Read the full article…

The Benefits of Meditation

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  Benefits of Meditation on your Brain It has been a long held belief that our brains continue to grow until we are in our mid 20's and then there is a slow decline from thereon. It was assumed that nothing could be done to halt this process or even more that we should be …Read the full article…

Study Proves Health Benefits of Meditation

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The Health Benefits of Meditation are Linked to Mental Silence According to a recent study carried out by the University of Sydney, there are significant links between mental silence meditation as practiced in Sahaja Yoga and improved health and wellbeing. The experience of 'mental silence' is linked with better health outcomes and greater wellbeing . …Read the full article…