How to Meditate Properly

mindfulness meditation

    Most people who are new to meditation want to know how to meditate properly. What is important to remember here is that there are many forms of meditation and what is right for one person isn't necessarily right for another. It is also important to note that meditation is a practice. It is …Read the full article…

How to Practice Meditation


How to practice meditation, six steps to freedom

How to Incorporate Meditation Practice into Your Everyday Life

Daily Meditation Practice

Plan Your Meditation Practice in Advance Meditation will only have a positive effect on your life if you make a habit of it. That habit may initially be no more than 5 minutes a day, but the important thing is that you do meditate everyday. Many people feel that they can't commit to a daily …Read the full article…

Nature Sounds for Meditation

sounds of nature

  Silent meditation may not be something you would choose when you first start to meditate, or even when you are more experienced for that matter. It is of course a matter of preference, but soothing sounds of nature can be extremely helpful when you are trying to relax and get into that meditative state. …Read the full article…

Six Types Of Meditation

types of meditation

6 Different Types of Meditation to Get You Started With so many different types of meditation available it is important to be aware of the different practices that are available. You also need to try some of them out to discover which ones are more suited to you, and which ones fit more easily into …Read the full article…

Meditation Video for Beginners

Jack Kornfield

Meditation  Can Seem Quite Daunting for Beginners It is often advisable to watch a video to help to get you in the mood and to teach you the basics of meditation practice.  This is a video by Jack Kornfield, a teacher of  vipassana meditation, who trained as a Buddhist monk in Thailand, Burma and India, and has …Read the full article…