Curation Policy is a compilation of the latest news and views on meditation. Many of the post have been curated from authority sites, in order to bring you current information.

Curation allows us to supply interesting, well-written, on topic articles for our readers.

If we choose to curate an article from your site, it is because we consider it to be news worthy and of relevance to our readers. We also consider it to be well written and of a high enough standard to use on our site. We hope you will take this as a compliment.

Any information curated from your site will be referenced in such a way as to encourage our readers to visit your site to read the remainder of the article.

Although most publishers are delighted to have their stories curated (after all it gives them a valuable link back to their site as well as increasing their visitors) there maybe some who would prefer us not to excerpt their stories. If that is the case then please feel free to contact us and we will remove the post immediately and add you to our list of sites not to use for curation.

In the same way we are more than happy for others to curate information from provided they adhere to our excerpting policy below. 

Excerpting Policy

  • Excerpts are generally no more than 30-40% of the article.
  • All excerpts are referenced back to the original site with a “Read More” suggestion.
  • Excerpts are chosen purely to convey the essence of the post.
  • A commentary/analysis roughly equal to the length of the excerpt will be added.

Social sharing of online content is evolving and standards of acceptability are also evolving alongside. We strive to ensure that we are sharing your content with the highest of satndards. Our aim is to inform our readers and help them to find the information available in the articles that we curate.

If you wish to discuss or comment on our curation methods or wish to be removed from our site then please contact us via our contact form and we will deal with your request immediately.