How to Incorporate Meditation Practice into Your Everyday Life

Daily Meditation PracticePlan Your Meditation Practice in Advance

Meditation will only have a positive effect on your life if you make a habit of it. That habit may initially be no more than 5 minutes a day, but the important thing is that you do meditate everyday. Many people feel that they can't commit to a daily meditation practice, but think of it as something you do regularly, like cleaning your teeth or washing your hair. These things have become a habit simply because we do them regularly everyday.

Planning is vital. If you don't plan to meditate the chances are you won't. But if you consider times when it might be convenient to meditate it is more likely that you will do it.

Here are Five Ways To Incorporate Meditation Practice Into Your Life.

1. At work

Come up with strategies to take two to five minute meditation breaks throughout the day. A simple meditation practice is to close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breathing, without trying to control your breathing. Use a non-judgmental awareness when accessing this state. If you have an alarm on your phone, set it up to remind you to do this. One way to incorporate a practice into your day is to do it at your lunch break. Or you can get to your office a few minutes early and do two to five minutes of meditation for clarity. Another strategy is to become conscious of early stress responses. If you find yourself starting to become stressed at work, immediately slow down and bring your awareness to your breathing.

2. When you wake up

A great way to start your morning off is with morning meditation. This will give you clarity of mind that will impact your entire day. Make it a ritual to incorporate ten to fifteen minutes of meditation right when you wake up in the morning. It will greatly improve the quality of your day.

3. While Waiting

I do meditation all the time while I’m waiting in line at a grocery store. Remember you don’t have to do meditation with your eyes closed all the time. You can do meditation just by bringing your awareness to your breathing while you’re waiting, which will put you in a more centered and balanced state. Try this when ever you’re waiting at the bus stop, while sitting in traffic, or even in the parking lot while you’re waiting to pick someone up.

4. Before You Go To Bed

I find doing meditation right before bed to be extremely beneficial. It will greatly improve your sleep. I also recommend if you’re having trouble going sleep to get out of bed and do some meditation. Find a time to schedule meditation sessions, and do it every night at the same time.

5. Schedule a Ten Day Challenge

Make a commitment today that you are going to do meditation every day for the next ten days straight. Meditation is like anything else — it takes a lot of focused attention to get used to doing it. But once you get over the initial difficulties, like trying to focus your mind, it becomes easy….More at Five ways to incorporate meditation into your life

Many years ago I remember complaining to a friend about the state of the traffic in our city and how I hated sitting in traffic jams because it seemed such a waste of time. She told me that she never minded sitting in traffic because she used the time to quietly meditate. I found this so inspiring that I was never again at a loss for a way to fill time whether it was sitting in a traffic jam or queuing at the supermarket. Instead I saw it as an opportunity to do my daily meditation.

Five minutes a day is all you need. You will soon find that your meditation practice becomes a habit and the chances are you will slowly increase the time to 10 or maybe 15 minutes a day. The effect on your life will be so positive that you will have established a practice for life.


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