How to Meditate Properly

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Most people who are new to meditation want to know how to meditate properly. What is important to remember here is that there are many forms of meditation and what is right for one person isn't necessarily right for another. It is also important to note that meditation is a practice. It is something you do on a daily basis. Some days you will feel you have had a good meditation and other days it will feel as though you have lost everything you ever gained. It isn't really a matter of meditating properly but  rather developing a regular dailyhabit

Here is a simple guide that you can use to get started with mindfulness meditation

Meditation is a practice. It takes time to learn it.

When you first start out, mindfulness meditation will feel strange. And it may be quite a shock to become aware of how often the mind spends time in the past or future – instead of in the present moment.

Set yourself a regular schedule, but make sure this schedule is ‘too easy’, and ‘too short’. If you want to create a habit of daily meditation, you’re much more likely to be successful if you treat yourself with kindness and don’t demand the impossible.

When you learn to immerse yourself in the present moment – whatever it is like – you will experience a deep joy and peacefulness. As well, meditation has immense health benefits: it strengthens the immune system, lowers your blood pressure and pulse rate, and lifts your mood.

Meditation is a wonderful gift to yourself!   Read more at…A Simple Guide to Mindfulness Meditation

Another approach to meditation, especially in the early stages might be to follow a guided meditation. There are many books and CDs available to help you. Guided meditations tend to help you to avoid the chattering mind, something that all meditators old and ne, compain about.

Just try not to worry about how to meditate properly as most of us get to a stage when we do what we can and don't worry about what we can't. Meditation isn't an exact science rather it is a spiritual exercise the purpose of which is to help us in our daily lives



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