Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction


Moderate stress in our lives can in fact be a positive. It keeps us alert and we respond appropriately to external stimuli. However an excess of stress can be extremely detrimental leading to adrenal fatigue and can even precipitate the onset of degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease. It is therefore extremely important to recognize what is happening before stress gets to that critical stage and to start to employ strategies for dealing with it.



Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 

Mindfulness Meditation is an excellent way to help calm the body and the mind. It helps to relax the body and soothe away anxiety and allows us to leave our troubles behind

Mindful Meditation: The objective of this form of meditation is to achieve a harmonic and calm mind. It strengthens various aspects of human mind. Try to meditate in a place which is not noisy. You may start trying meditation for short intervals, starting from 10 minutes for two times a day. Our mind and body are connected and energy flows through each sphere. We have to push our mind towards positive thoughts, and leave all our important work to rest while we meditate.

Meditation needs to be a habit, a daily routine. A bit like cleaning your teeth. Have a plan and stick to it and you will soon find that your meditation habit is a natural part of your day.

How it Helps Relieve Stress: Meditation is a process of reflection and relaxation. It provides a rapid access to your sub-conscious mind thus making it more active. Meditation helps in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety etc. It also increases the blood flow in our body and has multifaceted benefits at the psychological level. It helps decrease anxiety, mood swings, depression and irritation thus promoting a stress free life….More at Forms Of Meditation To Relieve Stress

Mindfulness based stress reduction is just one of many ways to relief that daily stress that negatively affects our lives. In fact most forms of meditation will help to relieve stress as meditation in general encourages relaxation.

If you are the sort of person who finds sitting meditation difficult to do, then try walking meditation. It works in exactly the same way, but you walk slowly and purposefully and of course mindfully. Find a meditation that suits you and practice it regularly

If you find it easier to relax and meditate whilst listening to music then try this meditation video for stress relief


Deep Relaxation is healing, relaxation music that will help to promote a state of deep relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety, for stress relief and stress management. The relaxing music of Deep Relaxation also utilizes binaural beats or binaural theta audio tones to further enhance the relaxation and stress relief. The relaxation music of Deep Relaxation can also be used as meditation music and sleep music. The healing music of Deep Relaxation is a 30 minute high quality MP3 download recording of holistic, relaxation music for relaxation, stress relief and stress management.




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