Nature Sounds for Meditation


sounds of natureSilent meditation may not be something you would choose when you first start to meditate, or even when you are more experienced for that matter. It is of course a matter of preference, but soothing sounds of nature can be extremely helpful when you are trying to relax and get into that meditative state.




Listen to this Video of the Sounds of Nature


 When you have the image of this healing water in your mind close your eyes, relax your breathing and listen to these wonderful sounds of nature, they are excellent sounds for sleep. The calm water noises should help you achieve a sound sleep. These water sounds can also be used as part of an holistic healing or any other alternative healing program. They are wonderful as an aid in a 'learning how to meditate' programme. These tranquil water sounds, listened to in the background are also good with 'meditation for beginners', or for relaxing in preparation for deep meditation. Please share this video with anyone you think may find it useful to relax with. 

I don't know about you, but, for me, there is something so very relaxing about the sounds created by moving water. Water features are so popular now in our gardens and in our homes, and although they look attractive there is something even more compelling about the relaxing, peaceful sounds they make.

Many people enjoy meditation by the sea listening to the waves crashing on the rocks or the sounds of the sea birds. I remember some years ago doing a walking meditaion next to a stream. The sounds of nature were our focus attention during the meditation and they helped us to relax and feel one with our natural surroundings

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