Shri Satya Narayan Goenka and Vipassana Meditation


Vipassana Meditation

Living in the heavipassana meditationrt of Herefordshire in the UK, I am fortunate to be in close contact with more than one spiritual tradition. At Harwood End in Herefordshire is a meditation center that teaches Vipassana meditation and runs residential Vipassana Retreats. The Vipassana method of meditation as taught by SN Goenka is unique. It originated thousands of years ago and was rediscovered 2,500 years ago by Gotama the Buddha and was taught by him to be used as a remedy for illness. Over the years the practice became corrupted and although it eventually disappeared from India it was preserved in its original form in the Buddhist community in Burma. It was eventually reintroduced back into India by Goenka in 1969

SN Goenka suffered from severe migraine headaches when he was a youth and so went in search of a cure. In 1955 his search led him to Sayagya U Ba Khin, a teacher of Vipassana meditation. In learning Vipassana meditation, Goenka managed not only to rid himself of his migraine headaches but also transformed his life. Goenka trained with U Ba Khin to become an authorized teacher of Vipassana and he went back to India to teach the course to Asians and Westerners alike.

Goenka teaches self responsibility, discouraging any form of automation. He is also clear in his message that Vipassana meditation is not to be run for profit and offers his services for no remuneration, as do his assistant teachers.

Vipassana is a Pali word which means insight, to purify the mind and see things as they are. It has no sectarian connections and so can be practiced by anyone who chooses to learn the methods taught by Goenka and his assistant teachers. In India the courses are run for 10 days and people from every background and every caste are welcomed.

Watch this  vipassana meditation    video for beginners

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