Six Types Of Meditation

6 Different Types of Meditation to Get You Started

types of meditation

With so many different types of meditation available it is important to be aware of the different practices that are available. You also need to try some of them out to discover which ones are more suited to you, and which ones fit more easily into your daily routine. The following brief explanations will help you to get started. I will be going into all of them in more detail in future posts.


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1.Breathing Meditation.

First of all relax in whatever position works best for you. Close your eyes and start to pay attention to your breathing. Breath in deeply through your nose to a slow count of 4 and make sure the oxygen reaches to the bottom of your lungs. Breath out to a slow count of 8 making sure you empty your lungs. As your mind wanders, just re-focus your attention on the air going in and out of your nose. The habit of focusing on your breath means that other thoughts are less likely to invade your mind.

2. Walking Meditation.

Walking meditation involves slow purposeful walking either inside or outside  It is important to concentrate on the movement of your legs as you walk. Be aware of your feet making contact with the ground. Some people like to walk barefoot for increased awareness. If your mind wanders,keep bringing it back to the present and the process of purposeful walking

3. Mindfulness Meditation.

Mindfulness is about living in the here and now. In mindfulness meditation it is important to focus on what's happening in and around you at this very moment, and becoming aware of all the thoughts going through your mind, the feelings in your body, and even the sounds and sights around you. The key is to watch without judging or analyzing.

4. Guided Meditation.

This involves listening to a recording of a story that takes you on a journey. The journey takes you to places where you feel at peace. It can also be done with  a live person guiding the meditation – often in a meditation group. The guided meditation focuses your attention and stops your thoughts from dominating your mind

5. Meditation Mantras.

It can be easier to keep your mind from wandering if you are repeating specific words. The words or meditation mantras, are usually spiritual in nature and should be repeated either silently or outloud if you are alone. A popular one is Maranatha, recited in syllables  ma-ra-na-tha. This can be resited in time with the breath and used in conjunction with the breathing meditation

6. Empty Mind Meditation.

Meditating can be very effective if you cencentrate on emptying of all thoughts from your mind. This involves sitting still, often in a "full lotus" or cross-legged position, and allowing the mind go silent on its own. Emptying the mind takes much practice and in the initial stages you will find lots of distractions. Allow them to happen and then let them go.

Meditation is a personal thing, so when you are starting out, it is worth practicing these different types of meditation to see what works best for you


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