Meditation for Stress Relief – Is it Enough to Avoid Disease?

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There is no doubt that meditation is an excellent way to achieve stress relief.  But is that enough to ensure that chronic stress doesn't affect our immune systems and make us ill? This is a very interesting question and one that doesn't have an easy answer. I would imagine that most serious meditators would argue …Read the full article…

Meditation Practice Can Help You Remain Disease Free

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Research into whether meditation practice can improve our health and longevity has been going on for years and although much of the evidence has been empirical, the fact that there are yogis who live healthy lives well into their 2nd century remains very impressive. The secret to living a long, healthy life So what do …Read the full article…

How to Incorporate Meditation Practice into Your Everyday Life

Daily Meditation Practice

Plan Your Meditation Practice in Advance Meditation will only have a positive effect on your life if you make a habit of it. That habit may initially be no more than 5 minutes a day, but the important thing is that you do meditate everyday. Many people feel that they can't commit to a daily …Read the full article…

Training Physicians in Mindfulness Meditation


Can mindfulness meditation help to improve patient care? So many people complain about the bedside manner of their doctors. They feel they are unsympathetic, they don't listen, and they are arrogant. Some even go so far as to say they don't look them in the eye and don't give them enough information about their illness …Read the full article…

Mindfulness Meditation Encourages Wisdom and Compassion

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Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation Practice at Work

Mindfulness Meditation in the Work Place  So often we have a one track mind when it comes to our understanding of various matters, and mindfulness meditation is no exception. Meditation in general is thought by most people to be something you do sitting cross legged on the floor concentrating on a candle or an icon …Read the full article…

Tips for Daily Meditation

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  How to Do  Daily Meditation So many people have the wrong idea about how to do daily meditation. It is quite common to hold the belief that meditation is done in a community setting, where everyone meets once a day for a meditation session. Although this is a popular way of practicing meditation, it …Read the full article…

Daily Meditation – Jiddu Krishnamurti


Daily Meditation with Krishnamurti I first came across the philosophies of J Krishnamurti in 2007, when my youngest son went to work at Brockwood Park School in Hampshire, UK, a school that is run by the Krishnamurti Trust and follows the Krishnamurti philosophy on education and practices daily meditation with pupils and staff alike. I …Read the full article…

Shri Satya Narayan Goenka and Vipassana Meditation

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  Vipassana Meditation Living in the heart of Herefordshire in the UK, I am fortunate to be in close contact with more than one spiritual tradition. At Harwood End in Herefordshire is a meditation center that teaches Vipassana meditation and runs residential Vipassana Retreats. The Vipassana method of meditation as taught by SN Goenka is …Read the full article…

Walking Meditation

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  Walking Meditation – A Buddhist Tradition Most Westerners think of meditation as someone sitting down, cross legged with their eyes closed and probably chanting some kind of mantra over and over again. But that is only one of the ways that people can practice meditation. Meditating can also be performed standing up, lying down …Read the full article…