The Benefits of Meditation


Benefits of Meditation on your Brain

meditation practices It has been a long held belief that our brains continue to grow until we are in our mid 20's and then there is a slow decline from thereon. It was assumed that nothing could be done to halt this process or even more that we should be able to reverse it. However, a recent study has revealed that regular meditation practice can in fact improve our cognitive ability.

A recent study led by Dr Eileen Luders, herself a regular meditation practitioner, discovered that the brains of regular meditators have "greater gyrification" – gyrification being the "degree of cortical folding". There was also found to be a correlation between the degree of folding and the number of years the participant had been meditating.

Although non of the evidence leads to a conclusive outcome at this stage, it is thought that the findings may mean there are more neurons present in the brain. Further investigation is needed to ascertain the significance of this

Read more at Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

This is very encouraging news for those of us who make meditation a regular daily practice. Although the results cannot be taken as absolute proof there seems to be little doubt, even in the minds of skeptics, that meditation has many beneficial health benefits.

This can be seen in a report in the  New York Times .that tells of Katherine Splain, a 63  year old  who  has been practicing meditation for 43 years. Katherine believes that regular meditation has had a beneficial effect on her brain, enabling her to train for a second career whilst in full time work and qualify at the age of 60.

Here is a short video of Physicist John Hagelin, director of the Transcendental Meditation Movement, who advocates that there are a host of positive benefits of meditation on the brain, from relaxation to increased creativity.



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