Meditation Practices

meditation practices

Welcome to Meditation Practices.

In our modern stressful world we are all looking for effective ways to de-stress and find some peace and tranquillity in our lives. Stress is responsible for so many of our modern illnesses and so finding methods to help us to deal with this stress is of paramount importance.

I am one of the many privileged baby boomers who was lucky enough to take early retirement. However as head teacher of a school for pupils with behavioural and emotional problems I had more than my fair share of stressful moments, not to mention stressful days and weeks.

During those days meditation was a life saver for me. I was fortunate enough to attend many courses and meditation days and retreats that enabled me to learn about the many different types of meditation practices and included several in my daily life according to the circumstances of the day.

I will be sharing many of these meditation practices with you on this website as well as introducing you to meditation gurus of the 20th and 21st century, I will be bringing you up to date news of how meditation can help you to lead a healthy, holistic life, free from stress related illnesses.

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